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103946   Wyrestorm HDMI Extender 50m 2xeth (KIT) EX-2UTP-IR-50

Wyrestorm HDMI Extender 50m 2xeth (KIT)


2 490,-
Antallet avviker fra kjøpsforpakning. Antall endres til nærmeste hele pakke.
  • Dual cable Cat5e/6 lengthens 1080P HD video and HD audio transmission over distances up to 50m (164ft)
  • Video/audio and IR control signals transmitted separately on the two cables.
  • Follows IEEE-668B cable termination standards.
  • Automatically adjusts signal feedback, equalization and amplification.
  • EDID DIP switches on Transmitter and Receiver to encourage communication between source/display devices to solve compatibility issues.
  • HDMI V1.3b supported.
  •  Each port supports HDMI or DVI signals.
  • HDCP compliant.
  • LED indicators indicate power and video signal status of baluns
  • Units contain ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection technology to guard again static build-up that can damage circuitry.
  • Wide band, two-way IR control of source from display locations and display from source locations.
  • 1080p HD video and HD Audio including Full support of 3D applications - frame sequential (Blu ray) and Interlaced stereoscopic (satellite/cable 3D broadcasts).
  • HDMI ports support both HDMI and DVI signals
  • 24bit colour depth.
  • 5v power to baluns provided by mains adapter (included) or optional USB 5v cable for ease of power management and greater energy efficiency.
  •  Mounting brackets supplied.
  • Fully cascadable to create larger distributions
  • IR receiver, emitter and 5v mains power supply included