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103947   Wyrestorm HDMI Extender 40m (KIT) EX-1UTP-IR-40

Wyrestorm HDMI Extender 40m (KIT)


1 990,-
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  •  Transmits a wide-band one-way IR control signal together with the HDMI signal over a single Cat5e/6/7 cable.
  •   Receivers capable of 1080p transmissions up to 40m (131ft) under perfect conditions.*
  •  Automatically adjusts feedback, equalization and amplification of signal for easy installation.
  •  For even greater control and fine tuning, each receiver features a fully adjustable EQ distance range for optimising the transmission signal.
  • Follows IEEE-568B cable termination standards
  • Protection against ESD (electrostatic discharge) included within the unit to further stabilise transmission.
  • LED indications for visual power and video signal status.
  • Power baluns by 5v mains adapter or with the 5v USB power cable (both included) to solve space or power availablility problems as well as being more energy efficient as the extenders are only powered when connected devices are turned on.
  • Fully cascadable to further lengthen transmission.
  • EDID DIP switch on Transmitter to encourage EDID communication between sources and displays in the event of signal transmission difficulties.
  • DISTANCE ADJUSTMENT on Receiver balun can be further fine-tuned depending on the length of Cat5e/6/7 cable used for optimum performance.