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104145   Wyrestorm 8x16 HDBaseT Matrix MX-0816-HDBT

Wyrestorm 8x16 HDBaseT Matrix


169 990,-
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  •    Allows up to 8 HDMI audio/video devices to be independently switched through up to 16 HDMI displays or projectors
  •     Each output requires a UTP receiver behind each display used:
  •     RX-100IR-HDBT, RX-100IR-HDBT-IW
  •     Each output features integrated single RJ45 outputs
  •     Reads and copies EDID from connected devices
  •     3D compatible and fully supports all high definition resolutions: 1080p. 1080i, 720p
  •     Each output card offers RS232 pass-through
  •     Each port supports both HDMI and DVI signals
  •     Choose from eight switching modes – remote control, touch screen, panel buttons, Local IR, IR call back from     remote locations, RS232, RS485, and Ethernet
  •     Memory function to save your matrix settings
  •     Touch screen/display operates the matrix and as well as allowing users to preview and observe any video source input connected.
  •     IR code edit function
  •     Refined for Custom Install and Home Theatre installations
  •     Constant HDCP preventing screen drop-outs
  •     Control signals can be sent from matrix to screen via 2-way IR
  •     Single cable solution including transmission of full HD audio/video, RS232, 2-Way IR and Ethernet
  •     1080p up to 100m (328ft) range using Cat5e/6/7 UTP (including 3D applications)
  •     Fully supports 48bit Deep Colour
  •     10.2Gbps bandwidth capacity
  •     HDCP compliant, EDID Management
  •     Totally discrete IR source control allowing easy install of duplicate HD sources
  •     Accessories include: 19” rack brackets, IR receiver,
  •     IR emitters and matrix remote control